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At Heritage Home Inspection, LLC, we understand the importance of having an inspection done. For most, buying a home or commercial building is the largest investment of your life. We are an owner/inspector-operated company and take pride in treating every inspection as if it was our own. We promise to treat our customers in the most professional manner we can and will do our best to assist you in any way possible! We thank you for your interest in our services and look forward to serving you soon!

Full Home Inspection

This inspection will cover all aspects of your home, from exterior to interior and basement to the roof system. We understand the importance and value of buying a home. Take a look at a few examples below:


• Proper Drainage
• Concrete Driveways And Walkways
• Structural Components
• Siding
• Soffit
• Fascia
• Windows
• Doors
• Trim
• Caulking
• Decks
• Roof Covering
• Roof Flashing
• Roof Penetrations
• Chimney And Cap
• Retaining Walls
• Electrical Service
• Condition Of The Foundation
• And Any Potential Water Intrusion Areas


• Kitchen And All Appliances
• Bathroom And Accessories
• Flooring
• Structural Components
• Doors
• Stairways (Including Handrails)
• Laundry Room And Appliances
• Plumbing And Electrical Fixtures
• Electrical Panel
• Heating And Cooling Systems

This is not a complete list of items; each inspection is unique for every home.

Detached Structures

As every property is different, we ask that you inform us if you wish to have these structures inspected, allowing more time for the inspection will be needed.

Crawl Space Inspection

Although we do visual and physical entry into crawl spaces when necessary, this inspection will be more in-depth. Crawl space inspections will give our inspector the chance to check for proper vapor barrier throughout, proper ventilation, proper insulation around pipes, proper rim joist insulation along with insulation as a whole. Improper or lack of several items can result in the moisture build-up or cold rooms throughout the home. Crawl spaces are not a place that every homeowner is excited about entering, so leave it to our inspector to do the inspection for you.

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Water Testing

Clean, safe water is very important. While not every home sale requires water testing, it is highly encouraged when buying a home with a private water source or well. Our inspector will follow the recommended procedures required for water draws, collect the sample, and have lab results returned to the customer as soon as possible.

Septic Inspection

Septic tank inspection is important for a home plumbing system to function properly. It is recommended that a home septic system is pumped out every year if you have a garbage disposal, or every three years if not. During our inspection, we will look for obvious signs of structural damage or baffle issues.

Radon Testing

Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer every year, and that is why the EPA makes January National Radon Action Month. We use an electronic monitoring system that will sit in your home for approximately 24 hours. Throughout this time, there will be up to 4 different remote devices continuously monitoring. We will then collect the data and return the analysis to you after the report has been read. Not every home has a dangerous Radon level, but it is safe to have a test done.

Lead Testing

Up until 1978 lead-based paint was used on homes. The most common danger is caused by dust particles being contaminated by lead. Although not generally harmful in its current state, as most homes have been repainted since 1978, if you plan on doing any renovations after the purchase of the home, we are able to test the material and help determine whether the home has lead-based paint installed.

Mold Testing

Mold is part of the natural environment and plays a vital role in breaking down organic matter. Several different variables are needed in order for mold to grow inside a home. Our inspector is IAC2 certified and can help determine whether the presence of mold is inside your home. If mold is visibly observed, we are fully capable of collecting samples for testing to help determine the exact type of mold found.

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Air Quality Testing

Although mold and allergens may not be visually observed, it does not mean spores are not being transferred throughout a home. Our certified IAC2 inspector has the knowledge to help determine if necessary factors are present in order for negative air quality inside the home. We are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for performing indoor air quality testing.

Asbestos Testing

Certain homes may have the presence of asbestos-made material. Having an inspector inform you of possible materials that may contain asbestos is important. Although asbestos is not generally harmful unless tampered with, we are capable of collecting these samples for testing.